Nov 29, 2012

hello. it's me again. this is my old blog. i actually have posted fifty-something posts, but i feel the need to start a new-yet-old blog post. that is why i still posted my first post but hide the rest of the published one. the concept is not fixed yet. but i do hope i could fill the blog with something new every month. for the next post, i think i will post something like a "Q & A" post. as if i've been interviewed. LOL. so, yes. do stay a little longer here. welcome to my strange and beautiful place.


Anonymous said...

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Dewi Aja said...

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Oh ya, di sana anda bisa dengan bebas mendowload music, foto-foto, video dalam jumlah dan waktu yang tidak terbatas, setelah registrasi terlebih dahulu. Gratis :)

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